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INIAD Special Award
Sounds of Transport

Umut Karakulak

The railway system in Tokyo can be overwhelming and scary at first sight. Speaking from experience, this is especially true when a foreigner visits for the first time.

But I believe there is harmony, and this application aims to show that by creating music through the movement of everyday transportation.

Users can freely place and adjust trigger functions onto a map, once a train intersects through its boundaries, the trigger simply plays a sound. A variety of triggers act differently, and the sound it makes can be configured. Train lines can also be filtered, simulated for a specific time and results can be saved.

With this, users can create unique melodies using the interaction between public transportation and custom triggers.

Web app:

INIAD Special Award
Tenma Kamatani / Tomohiro Nozaki / Issui Ikeda

Delains! is a LINE bot which can provide train delay information of the line specified by a user. Because it was created with LINE bot, the operation is very easy and quick and you can search without stress. Please try it.

LINE app:

INIAD Special Award
The method of identifying the train which railway user takes by using smartphone sensors
Kazuhiro Noguchi

p>This work proposes to identify the subway train which a user currently rides by using smartphone sensors. Using the acceleration sensor, geomagnetic sensor, and sound sensor installed on a smartphone, used station, used line, and the direction of travel are determined, and the train on which the user is located is identified.