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Excellence Award
My Station Map
Kohei Osato

This application helps the user navigate a station premises, while taking the user’s condition into account. For example, wheelchair users can opt to select a route that uses elevators or slopes, instead of stairs or escalators.

Web app:
Excellence Award
Shinichi Ohno

In the case of unscheduled holidays or free time during a trip in Japan, you can specify the departure date and the airport, and display a list of airports to which you can make a round trip on that day in the order of the longest stay time there. This application gives you an opportunity to fully enjoy Japan.

Web app:
Excellence Award
Bus Raku Ride
Tomoya Nakamura / Kazuna Adachi / Yu Kato

Our bus search application provides not only the bus arrival time, fare, bus stop position, but also the boarding and payment method with simple icons.
The operation has been reduced as much as possible to make it easy to find relevant bus trip information.

Android app:
Excellence Award
Tokyo Departure Board
Little Bird Solutions

Travelling around Tokyo, we noticed that some departure boards and timetables were only in Japanese.
When electronic, English might appear only briefly - unhelpful in a hurry. Furthermore, departure boards for different lines were not all in one location, making it more difficult for tourists to navigate around Tokyo.

Our iOS app displays the departures for all supported trains and buses, as well as flights from Haneda and Narita. Bus stops are conveniently shown on a map. Clicking deeper into a line or stop will show the timetables, while clicking into a train or bus will show its progress; perfect for keeping track of where you are.

The app even includes tips for travelling around Tokyo. Tokyo is at your fingertips!

iOS app: