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East Japan Railway Special Award
Yuta Suito

wiev-map is semantic map service. You can ask by voice and the app shows location information based on distance, text index, and relation between query words. In addition, this app shows nearby interesting places for you in your semantic context.

Web app:

East Japan Railway Special Award
Mikael LE GOFF

Sugukuru is a standalone Apple Watch app which makes it a great companion when you’re on your way to work for example.

The goal of this app is to offer daily commuters a quick and simple way to check when their two next trains will departure. Every time you will look at your Apple Watch, information will be updated automatically thanks to the Public Transportation API.

Sugukuru uses Apple Watch voice input feature allowing you to search a station name by voice in English or in Japanese depending on your favorite language.

When you want to add a departure station to Sugukuru, the app will request the Public Transportation API to automatically retrieve the line and direction you want to use.

Apple Watch app:

East Japan Railway Special Award
Hirotaka Moriyama

This app helps users locate the Tokyo Olympic Games venues, and shows the transportation services to reach a selected venue. It only indicates selected line routes; the line only related to the venue. You could use other apps to come near the venue, and then would use this app to reach the venue finally. This app is available in English, French and Spanish as well as Japanese.

Android app: