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Tokyo Metro Special Award
Tratal - Transport Information Portal
Haruki Kameda

"Tratal" is a portal site of transport information.
Travelers can use "Tratal" immediately with their usual browser without downloading new apps.
"Tratal" is also useful for people who use Tokyo railways regularly because of the function to quickly go to the page of the railways they usually use.

Web app:

Tokyo Metro Special Award
Tokyo anime location finder

Although there are many travelers who want to visit the Tokyo locations used in animes, they do not enough time only for it. Therefore, we have added the functions of the anime location search website so that you can find easy to reach anime locations near your designated location when you decide to go there in a short time out of blue.

Web app:

Tokyo Metro Special Award
Doshisha University Miyazaki Seminar Team 4
Takatoshi Ishijima / Tomoki Ishigaki / Miki Mabara / Chika Yanai / Ai Yasuda

The application " SHARE WALK " provides people with a new travel route combining bus and walk for a travel experience that's enjoyable and fun. This app changes how a person travels to maximize the enjoyment value of their travel time.